Learning and Teaching

Mother of God is a learning centred school- we are focused on learning and learners.

In our school community we promote the development of deep understanding, skills and learning habits and dispositions that enable all to participate fully in life in the 21st century.

One of our core values, inspired by our Brigidine tradition, is to foster a love of learning, hope and sense of purpose. Our school community has developed a set of aspirations to work towards a quality learning partnership for the young people at our school.

Mother of God School is a culturally and linguistically diverse community. Being mindful of the children and their families and what they bring as ‘funds of knowledge’ to school is highly valued and an essential starting point in planning for Teaching and Learning. Learning in the 21st century needs educators to focus on the students’ future, not their past.

Contemporary Learning at MOGS

We assist learners to:

    • Be able to manage themselves, their time and their resources,

    • Work cooperatively with all members of the learning community

    • Develop skills to make and maintain positive relationships.

    • Know how they learn and how they think

    • Become self-directed in their learning through setting goals and reflecting on achievements

    • Develop skills in the use of contemporary information and communication technologies.

We encourage learners to:

    • Question and to be curious about the world around them

    • Develop strategies to enable them to answer their questions and draw conclusions about how the world works.

    • Develop essential knowledge and skills which can be applied in new situations.

    • Use knowledge and skills to act justly and make a difference now and in the future.

We support learners by:

    • Knowing students and their families well.

    • Identifying their individual strengths and needs and responding with targeted teaching for continuous improvement.

    • Negotiating learning with students, by including student voice and choice about learning to build engagement.

    • Encouraging families to be involved in their children’s learning and the life of the school.