Religious Education

At Mother of God School students participate in prayer and religious education lessons that help students to develop their knowledge and understanding, reasoning and responding and personal and communal engagement with the Catholic tradition. The five content areas in the Religious Education curriculum are: Jesus and Scripture; Church and Community; God, Religion and Life; Prayer, Liturgy and Sacrament; Morality and Justice.

Whenever possible teachers and students co create Faith Life Inquiries where the students experiences of their own life, the contemporary world and other faith perspectives are in dialogue with the Catholic tradition.

When this is not possible, standalone units of work in Religious Education are developed. This is particularly the case for the Sacramental program and other aspects of the Liturgical year of the Church such as Lent and Advent.

Celebrating Mass as a Whole School

Throughout the year, each class is invited to take part in liturgies led by Father Barry, alongside members of the local church community. Parents are invited to join their child in our whole school mass celebrations. Class liturgies also take place.

Student Sacramental Preparations

In the middle and senior year levels, students work closely with their teachers in preparation for receiving their Sacraments. It is always a joyful celebration between the students, families and the whole school community to present the students to the wider community as they receive their holy Sacraments.