Zones of Regulation

The teachers and students at MOGS understand and practice the Zones of Regulation in our learning everyday.

We understand that emotions can affect our learning and how we interact with others.

The teachers teach students to practice strategies to regulate their emotions, so that they can make choices that help them to be better learners.

There are 4 different coloured zones which indicate how we are feeling (see images below).

Green Zone

Yellow Zone

Blue Zone

Red Zone

The GREEN ZONE is where we aim to be in order to reach our optimum for learning. It’s OK to be in the other coloured zones from time to time, however, it’s important to learn how to return to the GREEN ZONE using strategies that calm and realign us. It is also important to be able to identify and label our emotions and understand how they can impact on others. Once the students can recognize which zone they are in, they are encouraged to use tools and strategies to assist with self-regulation and emotional control.

We encourage students to be in the GREEN ZONE at MOGS.